Международный Форум преподавателей биоэтики (IFT)


о Международном Форуме преподавателей биоэтики

The International Forum of Ethics Teachers [IFET]

of the

The UNESCO Chair in Bioethics


Article 1: Organization

1. The International Forum of Ethics Teachers (IFET) consists of teachers of ethics that have been admitted pursuant to the requirements of these Statutes.

2. The IFET is part of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics.

3. English is the working language of IFET.

Article 2: Aims, Objectives and Activities

1. The purposes of the IFET are:

     a. To promote and advance the teaching of ethics.

     b. To collect, unite, involve and activate teachers of ethics.

     c. To form and activate an organ (Forum) that will function as a 

          mechanism for the realization of these purposes on behalf

          of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics.  

2. The IFET will achieve these purposes by:

     a. Promoting and advancing synergies and co-operation among its  


     b. Facilitating exchange of experience and information of ethics

          programs and projects;

     c.  Developing and distributing educational programs and materials.


     d. Organizing meetings to discuss complex ideas and to shape the


     e. Organizing courses with an active participation of IFET members;

     f. Encouraging publication and translation of professional materials;

     g. Establishing committees to deal with specific issues;

     h. Pursuing other means harmonious with the purposes of IFET.

Article 3: Membership

1. Membership of the Forum is open to all and free, who have graduated from a university or equivalent academic institution, who are or were involved in ethics teaching, and who are interested in the fulfillment of the purposes of the IFET.

2. An application for membership shall be addressed to the Executive Director. The Executive Director shall verify that the application complies with Article 3(1), and refer it to the President. The decision to admit an ethics teacher to the IFET is made by the President and the Executive Director.

Article 4: Structure

The IFET will consist of a President, an Executive Committee, an Executive Director and administrative officers, an sub-committees.