PRINCIPLES OF "4P MEDICINE" IN OCCUPATIONAL HYGIENE: ETHICAL PROBLEMS (on the example of "machine tool operator in metalworking")

Н. И. Латышевская (N.I. Latyshevskaya), М. А. Алборова (M.A.Alborova), Е. Л. Шестопалова (E.L.Shestopalova)


According to studies carried out in recent years, an absolutely new model of health care is becoming more common – the so-called 4P medicine, the medicine of the future. It is based on 4 fundamental principles: Personalization, Prediction, Prevention and Participation. This model is a priority for the entire healthcare system of our country, which includes such branch of preventive medicine as occupational hygiene. At the same time, the principles of "4P Medicine" in occupational hygiene are difficult to achieve due to the complex of ethical problems.The necessity ofnew methods and regulations'sdevelopmentfor governing such research in the conditions of real production is revealed.

Keywords:prediction,personalization, prevention, participation


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