Л. А. Эртель (L. A. Ertel), К. С. Ефимкова (K. S. Efimkova)


              The article is focused on cryonics as a field of scientific and practical activity dealing with freezing humans and aiming to resuscitate them in the future through applied technology. This article discusses organizational problems relating to activity of cryonics companies on global market. It also shows legal issues of cryonics with absence of legislation that regulates only terms and conditions of cryopreservation companies. Then, it shows ethical aspect of cryonics, arguments of supporters and opponents of cryonics. The article offers means and methods of solving immediate problems relating to cryopreservation of  humans, activity of cryonics companies and little awareness of cryonics ideas in modern society.

Keywords: cryonics, cryopreservation, cryogenic biostasis, cryobiological techniques, vitrification, cryoprotectants, cryopatient, cryonics organizations, contract, cryopreservation services, cryopreservation market, legal and ethical issues of cryopreservation.


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