Н. А. Агеева (Ageeva N.A.), Н. Л. Вигель (Wiegel N.L.), Г. Н. Шаповал (Shapoval G.N)


 In the article the authors study moral and legal algorithms of bioethics as universal methods of solution of topical problems in the health care system which reflect a wish of citizens to live and act healthily. Specificity of bioethical ideology in the modern health care system consists in the demand to follow the algorithms of preserving life in general, protection of a man and protection of his health from different negative circumstances and deliberate or occasional technological influence. In order to bring to light the ideals and principles of biomedical ethics the authors pay special attention to natural (biological) origin of a man. It is stated that co-evolutional imperative of bioethics is to push scientists-medicals and clinicians to overcoming of social, economic and political conflicts. The article is presented in English that is topical in the context of growing popularity of the Russian higher education among foreign students, as well as the lack of educational literature in foreign languages. The material of the article can be used in designing work programs, lecture and practical courses of “Bioethics”.

Key words: co-evolution, anthropocentrism, humanism, biosocial system, biocentrism, algorithm, bioethics, health care, life and death, imperative.


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