Г. Ю. Щекин (G.Yu Shchekin), А. Н. Осыко A. N. Osyko), В. А. Бахтин (V. A. Bakhtin)


DOI 10.19163/2070-1586-2019-1(23)-62-63

The Round table on the topic "Geography of medical tourism: problems and prospects" was held in the editorial office of the journal "Bioethics" (on March 28, 2019) with the support of the Volgograd state medical University and the Volgograd medical research center. It was attended by scientists of the VSMU and VNC, foreign experts in the field of medical tourism, representatives of Russian clinics included in the activities for the development of medical tourism. two fundamentally opposite approaches in assessing the experience of the development of medical tourism in different ethno-cultural environments were noted during the discussion.  One approach involves the active participation of the state in this process, the other absolutes the role of private medicine. We are mainly interested in ethical arguments in this dispute.

Key words: medical tourism, ethno-culture, private medicine, bioethics, national traditions


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