Е. В. Фомичева (E.V. Fomichev), О. Ю. Афанасьев (O.Yu. Afanasyeva), С. В. Дронов (S.V. Dronov), С. А. Блюдников (Blyudnikov S.A.)


DOI 10.19163/2070-1586-2019-1(23)-48-51 

The way to develop the health care system in the Russian Federation is to improve the quality of medical care. One of the main target is the regulation of relations in the "doctor-patient" system. These relationships are rather difficult and not always clear for both doctors and patients. Doctors treat patients, but at the same time they get acknowledge of various personal information. And this personal information is often extremely important to the patient, especially if patients are treated for the diseases associated with their appearance. This is especially evident when patients are referred to oral and maxillofacial surgeons and dental surgeons.

In the article the authors presented the legal basis regulating the concept of medical confidentiality. The goal of the study was to determine the level of legal literacy of the maxillofacial surgeons, dentists, surgeons on the matter of information related to medical confidentiality, and to develop an algorithm for resolving disputes related to the disclosure of medical confidentiality. To achieve this goal, the authors developed a questionnaire and conducted a sociological study in compliance with the principles of research ethics. The study was conducted at the beginning of 2018, 25 doctors took part in the survey. The gender ratio was typical for representatives of these professions and did not have any specific features that distinguish it from other regions of the Russian Federation. After analyzing the data and reviewing the regulatory framework, the authors came to the following conclusions and practical recommendations. Doctors in most cases gain proper knowledge, according to information related to medical confidentiality. But this information requires specification and simpler presentation, since doctors do not get legal education. It is necessary to discuss and introduce in practice health care algorithms of settling down controversial situations concerning medical confidentiality and other conflict situations at dentists’ regional associations meetings.

Key words:medical confidentiality, dentistry, medical law, medical aid, health care


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