Н. Н. Седова (Prof. Natalia Sedova)


DOI 10.19163/2070-1586-2019-1(23)-3-5

Medical humanities is a complex of scientific and educational concepts that ensure the integration of medical theory and practice in the context of society. The current crisis of medical humanities is associated with the intensive development of new biotechnologies and a much slower process of developing explanatory hypotheses, normative regulators and social forecasts of their use in practice. This lag could be regarded as natural, if not for the pace of technological progress, by orders of magnitude higher than all previous changes in the technological sphere. The paradox is that the society interested in humanitarian expertise of application of new technologies, at the same time brakes its development. From a philosophical point of view, this is a typical substitution of value – technology becomes self-valuable, and the understanding of what happens as a result of their application, recedes into the background. The most dangerous thing in this situation is the change of approaches to training, which will work with new technologies. Digital medicine requires operational skills, the time for the acquisition of which is "taken" in universities from "non-core" (mainly humanitarian) disciplines. Therefore, every year the trend of dehumanization of medical education is increasing in Russian medical universities. 

The asset of the annual all-Russian scientific and practical conference "Philosophical problems of biology and medicine" addressed, in connection with the situation, an Open letter to the Ministries, Committees of the State Duma and the All-Russian Popular Front. The letter has already received much more signatures than is required for the consideration of such a document. We publish his full text and our comment below.

Key words: medical Humanities, dehumanization of higher medical education, Humanities, social Sciences, biomedical ethics.



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