Н. И. Латышевская (N.I.Latishevskaya), Г. П. Герусова (G.P. Guerusova), Т. И. Губа (T.I. Guba), М. Д. Ковалева (M.D.Kovaleva)


Ethical problems arising from hygiene research in modern Russia are considered in the article. Changes in socio-economic conditions in the country (emergence of enterprises of various forms of ownership, employer‘s disinterest in assessing working conditions and, in fact,  development of measures for prevention of diseases, primacy of the concepts of «human rights» and «voluntary consent» in organization of hygienic research; sometimes the lack of interest of administrative structures in obtaining real indicators of the health status of those surveyed, which often entails the need to develop in accordance with the laws of the country and the introduction of activities that require organizational and additional material costs) was the reason for the formation of new approaches and new conditions for solving scientific problems in the system hygienist (researcher) - the tested (healthy person). The authors determine ethical problems that arise from conduct of sanitary-hygienic, physiological, sociological and mathematical methods in the real conditions of production and human activity. It is the lack of interest of the subject in the research and the possibility of effective belief in the necessity of the research because of insufficient level of education and motivation. And it is the reluctance of the employer to show the real situation  due to the negative results of hygienic studies in the dynamics of health status and the identification of risk factors for health at work,  educational establishment  etc. The solution to these problems is based on informal communication with the subjects, its encouragement in the form of various bonuses and in the absence of official permissive document. The relevance of the discussion about the ethical principles of research in preventive medicine is argued in the article.

Key words: Hygienic research, modern socio-economic conditions in Russia,ethical problem  in the hygienist (researcher) - the tested (healthy person0 system, ethical problems arising from  the conduct in the real conditions of production and human activity, various bonuses in preventive medicine.


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