В. Н. В.Н. Прямицин (V.N. Prjamitsin), К. С. Смирнов (K.S. Smirnov), М. В. Реймер (Reymer M. V.)


The article demonstrates that there is contradictory connection of bioethics and event. This principle is conditioned by the event of the medicalization of society on the one hand and socialization of medicine on the other hand. The conceptual elaboration of the problem of the connection of event and bioethics, of the definition of hermeneutics of this connection from the point of view of existentially-ontological  phenomenology is supposed. The connection of bioethics and event is revealed with the aid of intuition, which is discovered phenomenologically. Their connection appears as contradictory unity of two sides. Their contradiction is existential-and-dialectical. It means, that essentially-ontological pattern of their connection is existential. Event and bioethics appear as existentials. But their existential qualities must not be generalized, for quite often the essentially-existential disintegration of the connection takes place. The event is the cause of disintegration and divergence, what supposes human participation.  Bioethics and event are anthropologoessential existentials. They are connected between each other by essential connection. And here the traditional question about essence of anthropologoessential arises. The latter is guaranteed by the experience of its existential basis. This leads to the original essence of the event and bioethics. The existence manifests itself here. It is the basis for the possibility of the essential connection of bioethics and event. The essence of their connection is defined by existential essence of anthropologoessential. It is interpreted as dependent on existence of anthropologoessential, on its existential behavior. Anthropologoessential is the ontological totality of the existential acts-behavior of each human and all humankind. At the same time bioethics is the existentially-ontological phenomena intrinsic in living world of anthropologoessential. The conclusion is that contradictory and united continuum of event-bioethics exists existentially. Bioethics and event take place in each other. And their relations are asymmetrical and accompanied by tension, which initiates their interaction. 

            Key words: event, bioethics, existentially-ontological phenomenology, intercommunication, contradiction, principle. 


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