Г. С. Табатадзе (G.S. Tabatadze), О. И. Бычкова (O.I. Bychkova), О. Ю. Голицына (O.U. Golitsyna)


The article explores one of the main bioethical principles, the principle of justness. It has different meanings in various life areas. The article discusses one of the most important domains of social relationships, international relationships. Bioethics allows us to take a new look at these relationships. It emphasizes the fundamentals of the actual existence of a human being and the mankind, the problems of improved survival and quality of life under contemporary circumstances of wars, violence, terrorism, and economic confrontation. The supreme value of bioethics is life, and in relation to our research it is the human life and the security of the world community. The current crisis in international relationships clearly demonstrates that it is connected with the depreciation of values, principles, forms and mechanisms of implementing international relationships. It is obvious that international relationships need to be reevaluated to transmit from the pursuit of national interests to the security interest of a nation. Neither politics nor economics but bioethics can provide us clear worldview attitudes and values for comprehension of ethnocultural diversity as the essence and the only form of human existence. We reveal some of the implications for implementation of the principle of justness in international relationships.


Key words: bioethics, justness, international relationships, state interests, morality, world order


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