V. V. Zhura (Жура В.В.), Yu. V. Rudova (Рудова Ю.В.)


           There has been insufficient research into the problems of institutional interaction of the participants of health care provision sphere which should be conceptualized from the biomedical paradigm perspective.

The article aimed to reveal bioethical aspects of medical discourse. The authors substantiated their understanding of medical discourse and presented its genre typology. The genre of clinicopathological conferences was explored. This type of medical discourse was found to be the concentrated embodiment of the biomedical perspective of conceptualizing health reality. Alongside with the biomedical approach, bioethical principles of considering and presenting discoursive medical knowledge were employed by the participants of clinicopathological conferences. The ethical and axiological aspects of the discourse under study were represented by various ways of verbal expression of its personalized nature, its values and types of reasoning.

Key words: medical discourse, biomedical perspective, clinicopathological conference, ethical and axiological aspects.


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