С. С. С. С. Маскин (S. S. Maskin), А. М. А. М. Карсанов (A. M. Karsanov), Д. С. Д. С. Лопастейский (D. S. Lopasteysky), И. П. И. П. Кокаев (I. P. Kokaev)


The article presents the results of testing and practical effectiveness of elements of the new strategy bioethical subordinate application objectives improving patient safety in surgery for two different models of clinical research. The examples of the introduction of technology rapid recovery after surgery for colon cancer and protocol differentiated escalation prevention of venous thromboembolic events has been positive clinical effects, as expressed in the significant decrease in frequency and severity of postoperative complications and mortality in the main comparison groups. Marked correlation between the effectiveness of the proposed surgical approaches and the formation of qualitatively different models of integrative interaction between participants of the treatment process, with the creation of new forms of interdisciplinary collaboration between health professionals and by enhancing the role of the patient.

Key words: bioethics, the safety of the patient, surgery, complications


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